Posted on Jun 29, 2021

Southwest Wildlife Control

When you’re looking for a wildlife removal service, you want to know that once you deal with the pest problem, you won’t have to deal with it again. Typical wildlife removal companies only offer removal service warranties on only the previously infected parts of the infested building or property. But Southwest Wildlife Control warranties the entire structure, ensuring that the wildlife control solutions you invest in are long lasting.

Southwest Wildlife Control is a leading wildlife control company that provides humane & effective solutions to nuisance wildlife removal situations. Whether you have birds in your attic, rats in the walls, or a snake in your yard or pool, we can help you!

If wildlife gets into your home or business, it is important that all of the areas the animals can enter your home through are closed off with animal-proof material. We call this process a wildlife exclusion, and we only use the best materials for this service. We provide a warranty for up to five years on all exclusion repairs.

We can also remove all animal contaminants by pulling out the old insulation and performing a new attic insulation installation, making sure the attic is completely cleaned and sanitized with an enzyme prior to installing the new insulation.

When you call Southwest Wildlife Control, you will get a certified, licensed, and insured wildlife control specialist. Give Us A Call For A Free Assessment!
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